Ep. 240 – Musician’s Earplugs – do they work? Which ones should you get?

As a musician, protecting our hearing is rather important! Depending on your situation you may want to investigate musician’s earplugs, which attempt to “turn down” the sound level, while still maintaining the clarity and fidelity of the sound.

They tend to work pretty well, and what you’re looking for is then a question of fit. If you can find an “off the shelf” set that fit snugly and comfortably for your ear, that’s perfect! The etymotic er-20s I mention in the video cost only about $20, for example.

You may find that for a good fit and a comfort level that allows you to wear them for hours on end you need a custom set, molded to the specific shape of your ear canal. These can generally be purchased at your local ear and hearing specialists, and might range from $150-300. Expensive, but potentially well worth it!

Here’s an article (via google search) from 2014 that I thought offers a decent overview on musician’s earplugs: https://hearingreview.com/hearing-products/accessories/earmolds/high-notes-musicians-earplugs

And the US CDC page on volume levels and preventing hearing loss: https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/hearing_loss/what_noises_cause_hearing_loss.html

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