Ep. 249 – Bach’s 1st Cello Prelude on the harp (special 12 years of Harp Tuesday episode)

In this special 12th anniversary episode of Harp Tuesday, I show how I play the Prelude of Bach’s 1st Cello Suite with only the left hand. It ends up fitting so nicely, it’s almost as if Bach intended it for the harp and it makes a wonderful left hand exercise 🙂

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I did a Harpist in the Wild episode featuring the cello prelude:

My original inspiration to try this Prelude with LH only was seeing that Fernando Guerrero had done so. Watch his video here  and he has whole book of movements from the cellos suites arranged for LH only: http://www.arlu.org/arlu.html (click on “publicaciones”).

If you want to play the Prelude on lever harp, it’s one of the pieces in Anne-Marie O’Farrell book of Bach transcriptions.