Ep. 149 – 151 in-depth look at Scheherazade on the lever harp (3 parts)

A look at Barbara Brundage’s wonderful arrangement of Themes from Scheherazade for lever harp.

You can buy it at https://www.harpcenter.com/product/pdf-download-brundage-class2-scheherazade/ or as part of Barbara Brundage’s collection “Classics on Request #2” https://www.harpcenter.com/product/pdf-download-brundage-class2-scheherazade/

I highly recommend listening to the full orchestral original. Here’s a link that shows the score as it plays:  (We hear the violin solo+harp chords “Scheherazade” theme for the first time at 0:52  )

Hope you enjoy! Thanks to one of my patrons for the suggestion – I wasn’t aware of this arrangement and it’s beautiful and a lot of fun to play 🙂 You, too, can become my patron and support Harp Tuesday at https://www.patreon.com/joshlayne