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Harp Tuesday is a video series that I started in November of 2010. Every couple of weeks I upload a new video looking at various aspects of playing the harp – from your first harp lesson to in-depth looks at advanced pieces. Back in 2010 I wasn’t sure where it would lead – it’s turned out to be a great journey, letting me connect with and help people all over the world! It has also led to me teaching a lot of Skype lessons, which has been a wonderful experience.

Why the name Harp Tuesday? I spent over 11 years studying the harp with Kathryn Ely and my lesson was always on Tuesday. So of course Tuesday was my favourite day of the week – and I thought what better day to publish these videos than Tuesday!

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How to find your way around? With 200+ episodes there’s a wealth of information about playing the harp on my YouTube Channel. While the episodes are numbered, they’re not in any particular order – just what I happened to want to talk about that week. So while you’re welcome to start watching them all in chronological order, here are some lists to help you find the videos that may be of most interest to you:

Starting the harp – new or fairly new to the harp? Start here!

Fundamentals/Technique – want to learn how to play a harmonic, or a gliss, etc? Want suggestions on scales, fingering, exercises? Check out these videos

In-depth looks. I love taking a piece of music and giving it an in-depth look. Whether you’re interested in what I have to say about a piece you know or you’re looking for ideas of music to work on, hopefully you’ll find something here you’ll enjoy.

Miscellaneous. Some Harp Tuesday episodes don’t fall into any of the first three categories – check them out here!

You can also check out my short, Slow Motion Monday videos

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